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He Loves Me Not . . . He Loves Me Nunn’s marriage to the romantic, handsome boy across the street got off to a good start. Her husband Ernie enrolled in seminary and planned for a career in ministry. “Years of wedded bliss, like rose petals, scented the road ahead of us,” Sandra says. “At least, that’s what I thought.” A disagreement broke out in their church. Ernie ended up in the middle of it. Hurt and disillusioned, Sandra’s husband sank into a pit of despair. He turned against his God, his church and his wife. Thirty-seven years passed. Then God visited Ernie and transformed him. Sandra’s story, told honestly and straight from her heart, lets readers know that no problem is too big for God. “I want people to know that Jesus is still working miracles. I know because He did it for me.”


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